4 Way Full Port Flanged Ball Valves – Series E62

The Econ E62 is a ASME Class 150/300 direct mount 4 way flanged full port ball valve with carbon steel or stainless steel body. The E62 features a grounded, blow-out proof stem with PTFE thrust washer to ensure smooth operation. Flexible seat design provides bubble tight shut-off at high and low pressures. Relief grooves on the seat reduce seat wear and overall valve torque. Standard seat material is molecularly enhanced PTFE (TFM 1600) which allows for a wider range of pressure and temperature applications. Dynamically loaded stem packing compensates for wear and changing environmental conditions. This is made possible by Belleville spring washers. The double stem seal constructions with live-loaded stem packing and a back-up O-ring, comply with TA-Luft emissions requirements. These ball valves are 100% tight shut-off and are tested in accordance with API598 (ASME).

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