Collins Instrument Plastic Control Valve – Models 1060 & 2060

Collins Plastic Control Valves are highly responsive control valves designed for use with corrosive media and/or corrosive atmospheres. Suitable for applications in numerous industries including chemical, petrochemical, pulp and paper, and municipal, Collins Control Valves are extremely corrosion-resistant, feature fast accurate positioning and are available with a wide selection of trim sizes.

These specialized control valves will stroke at the rate of approximately 1/2 inch per second. The differential area piston eliminates the necessity for auxiliary loading regulators. The
actuator is molded of glass filled, UV inhibited polypropylene except for the integral positioner. Before shipment, the aluminum positioner and a portion of the cylinder are immersed in
dipseal to provide atmospheric protection. The integral positioner eliminates the need for external linkages which are subject to corrosion and malfunctioning. Valves are available in Globe, Angle, or Corner configurations to fit your piping.