Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Systems – 9408 Series

AX480, AX488 and AX468 dissolved oxygen analyzers are designed specifically to operate with the industry-proven, anti-fouling 9408 Series sensors. Reliable monitoring of dissolved oxygen levels in waste treatment tanks can be hampered by sensor fouling with rags or other large solids. 9408 sensors can be supplied with anti-fouling, floating ball systems making rags and solids difficult to lodge. In addition, all 9408 systems can be equipped with a powerful jet-wash facility for removal of tough deposits. Each sensor system includes an 8012-170 sensor capsule. This is mounted in a support tube with an integral temperature sensor for automatic temperature compensation and measurement. Maintenance simply involves a quick plug-in of a replacement capsule. Lifetime is typically 9 to 12 months and in many cases longer.