Single and Dual Input Analyzer for Conductivity, pH, ORP and Dissolved Oxygen – AX400 Series

The AX400 Series consists of single input and dual input analyzers designed for continuous monitoring and control of low and high level conductivity, pH, ORP and dissolved oxygen. All versions are supplied with two, fully-isolated current outputs as standard that can be assigned to the measured parameter, sample temperature or any appropriate calculated variables. Three programmable relay set points are available which can also be assigned as required. Innovative features such as a power saving display and a diagnostic current output option all contribute to a low cost of ownership. Backlit display shows both the measured parameter(s) and, on a separate 16-character display line, diagnostic and computed information. On dual-input analyzers both measured parameters are displayed simultaneously. All models are available in wall-/pipe-mount or panel-mount versions and can be used with either one or two sensors, each with a temperature input channel. When used with two sensors, readings can be compared to produce a range of extrapolated values.